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Ohio TESOL Presentation – October 2018

By admin | October 10, 2018

I presented a session at the 2018 Ohio TESOL Annual Conference (October 12-13, Columbus) titled “Teaching New Vocabulary Requires New Concepts,” with Claire MacBride.  Claire is an alumna of the UT MA in English — Concentration in ESL and currently teaches at Tiffin University.  The abstract of our presentation, a practical demonstration of some theoretical principles of input in foreign language teaching/learning, is as follows:

As fluent bilinguals know, L1 vocabulary rarely translates one-for-one to a TL.  For example, “shoes” does not usually refer to boots, but Polish “buty” refers to shoes or boots.  Thus, if a Polish woman shopping for pumps (which are shoes) says “boots,” it will confuse an American hearer.

The presenters demonstrate vocabulary teaching through input, focusing on terms that do not translate one-to-one from L1 to TL: in this case, “Parts of the Body,” using PowerPoint and themselves as models.  So session participants can fully experience how this can be done, the lesson is in an unknown language.  Afterward, the presenters explain very precisely how to craft input for success by attending to breadth and limits of association among vocabulary items.  (Breadth and limits of association are not abstract linguistic-semantic concepts, but concrete relationships among memories and communicative behaviors.)

While research has shown that vocabulary learned via input (in Krashen’s sense) rather than via translation is recalled better, neither technique (as usually performed) has been shown to produce greater accuracy in understanding.  However, showing breadth and limits of association does produce greater accuracy in understanding by helping learners form the new concepts they require.

Our handout is available here: OH TESOL 2018 Handout v2.

A copy of our PowerPoint (which contains some, but not all, of the input we demonstrated) is available here as a PDF: OH TESOL 2018 PPT in PDF form 5A.  [This is a corrected version of the PowerPoint, thanks to an observant conference participant who spotted a typo.]

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Spring 2018 Syllabi

By admin | January 16, 2018

Here are my syllabi for Spring Semester 2018.

For ENGL/LING 3/5150-001/002: Coleman Syllabus ENGL-LING 3-5150 Spring 2018.

For ENGL 6940-001: Coleman Syllabus ENGL 6940 Spring 2018 – new_format.

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Fall 2017 Syllabi

By admin | August 25, 2017

Below are links to my Fall 2017  syllabi, as printable PDFs.

ENGL/LING 3150/5150 — Linguistic Principles: Coleman Syllabus ENGL-LING 3-5150 Fall 2017

ENGL/LING 4150/6150 — Applied Linguistics I: Coleman Syllabus ENGL-LING 4-6150 Fall 2017

ENGL 6940 — Internship in ESL: Coleman Syllabus ENGL 6940 Fall 2017

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Spring 2017 Syllabi

By admin | January 9, 2017

Here are my syllabi for Spring 2017 (downloadable PDFs):

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Spring 2017 Schedule

By admin | January 9, 2017

Here is my Spring 2017 schedule, attached as a PDF (revised 01/10/2017): coleman-schedule-spring-2017-v-3.

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Fall 2016 Schedule

By admin | August 25, 2016

My Fall 2016 schedule is attached in PDF form: Coleman — Fall 2016 Schedule v.1.

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Fall 2016 Syllabi

By admin | August 25, 2016

Here are my Fall 2016 Syllabi: Coleman Syllabus ENGL-LING 3-5150 secs 001-002 Fall 2016, Coleman Syllabus ENGL 6940-001 Fall 2016.

Course materials are available on Blackboard:

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Moodle Out, Blackboard In

By admin | August 21, 2015

Because of  the need to replace the old English Department server, I am moving my course page functions from the Department’s Moodle at to UT’s Blackboard.  I understand that this means that anyone who has issues accessing Blackboard arising from being deregistered, problems with their UTAD user ID, etc. will be locked out, there is, undfortunately, nothing I can do about it  Students encountering such difficulties need to discuss them with the Registrar.

I will also be making alternative arrangements for the thesis committees that I chair, rather than using the Moodle.

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New Academic Year, New URL!

By admin | August 21, 2015

Thanks to some very helpful assistance from my colleague Prof. Andrew Mattison, we have almost finished porting the various web sites of the old English Department server at over to this new, more secure one one at (Andrew takes primary responsibility for the English Department’s web site at, formerly So, the URL for this page is now The old URLs will point forward to the new ones for a time, but the old server will soon be eliminated entirely.

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The 2015 Ohio Conference AAUP Higher Education Report Has Some Interesting Facts about Higher Education Costs in Ohio

By admin | February 19, 2015

A long-term decline is State funding is responsible for much of the problem:


“Our universities are employing as many administrators as full-time faculty.  Research has shown that 7% change in cost of living categories compared to college tuition and fees, 2009-2013.  [Source: U.S. Dept. of Labor.]  Research has shown that the ideal faculty to administrator ratio is three to one.  There is one administrator for every 14 students, representing an increase of 25% over the last 10 years.”  The result is an administrative tax on students” that has caused tuition and fees to go up faster than other everyday costs:


The rising cost of tuition and fees also greatly outpaces increases in the minimum wage, making “working your way through college” less and less a possible reality for most students:


The complete report can be found here:


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