Alumni profiles

Matthew Allison

Community Library Manager, Queens Borough Public Library, New York. After graduation, Matt worked at a bookstore in Toledo, where conversations with retired librarians led him to enroll in a graduate program in library science at Kent State. After attending the American Library Association conference (“wearing a suit in Orlando in July is not a pleasant experience,” he recalls), Matt was offered a job at the Queens Borough Public Library. “The borough of Queens is the most diverse county in the country,” he says, “and I think a very interesting place to be a public librarian. I’ve worked at three locations, one as a librarian, one as an assistant manager, and now I am a manager of a library. The three places I’ve worked at the communities are all different. Each part of Queens has its own demographics and character.” A Creative Writing major at UT, Matt has continued to write about literature as well as life in New York, and his work can be seen at and

Monica Hiser

English Teacher, Ohio Hi-Point Career Center, Bellefontaine. Monica (now Monica Young) completed a double-degree program at UT in English and Adolescent Education, and was named English Department Outstanding Student in 2009. After graduation, she worked as a substitute teacher for a year before being hired by Hi-Point, a vocational high school with a strong emphasis on technology. Monica says, “Even though the first year after graduation was a long journey of substitute teaching around Toledo and parts of Michigan, it was worth it to have my own classroom now. I feel like my English degree from UT provided a great knowledge base for me to move forward from, and I’m not the only one. There are several UT grads working at this school including another English department graduate. Go Rockets!”

Charles Porter

Assistant Professor of Developmental English, Wor-Wic Community College, Salisbury, Maryland. Chuck returned to UT after graduation to join the English Department’s MA Program in Literature, with an assistantship as an instructor of Composition. “As a graduate assistant at Toledo,” Chuck says, “I gained valuable experience in the classroom, and by the time I graduated again in 2006, I had already found a full-time position as an Instructor of Developmental English” at Wor-Wic. Chuck has continued to explore new areas of teaching; he has taken over the ESL program at his college, and is also pursuing an MA as a Teacher of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL). He reports: “As of 2010, a colleague and I received a grant from Lumina to redesign English 101 and one of our developmental writing courses, I am serving as Wor-Wic’s Faculty Council President, and I also was promoted to Assistant Professor.”