Independent Study Policy

The English Department has recently revised its policy on Independent Study courses. Independent Studies are best suited for areas of interest shared by a student and a faculty member but not available in the department’s regularly scheduled courses; they should not be used to substitute for an available course. Students interested in pursuing an Independent Study should consult with the faculty member with relevant expertise; see the list of department faculty. Note that faculty are not compensated for these courses, and so they are entirely voluntary: faculty are not required to offer them.

All Independent Studies must be approved by the English Department. For approval, fill out the Independent Study Proposal form, print it, sign it, and bring it to the English Department. The form should be submitted by the Friday before the start of the semester in which the course will be taken; if it is necessary for the form to be submitted later, please consult with the department for more information. Note that this form substitutes for the old course request form, which will no longer be used.

Graduate Literature Independent Studies are subject to additional guidelines. MA in Literature students may count up to one independent study course toward their degree. The student, in consultation with the Director of Graduate Studies, will contact a relevant faculty member with a request to conduct an independent study. If the faculty member agrees, the student will draft a proposal/prospective syllabus to be submitted to the Director of Graduate Studies and the Graduate Literature Committee for approval. Guidelines for drafting the proposal can be found at this link. This process should be completed by the end of the semester prior to the one in which the student is proposing this study. If you have further questions about this process, please contact the Director of Graduate Studies.

Click here for English Independent Study Proposal form.
Click here for Graduate Literature Independent Study Guidelines.