Deborah Coulter-Harris

Associate Lecturer, Composition Program
FH 1400J
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Deborah Coulter-Harris (M.A. and Ph.D. University of Toledo, 1995; M.S. Business and Human Relations, Abilene Christian University; B.A. English ) acted at the Abbey and Gates theaters in Dublin, Ireland; wrote and performed a weekly radio show for RTE in Ireland; worked as technical writer and speechwriter for the CEO of Mostek Corporation in Dallas; served as Russian linguist in the United States Army; taught at colleges and universities in Greece, Ohio, New York, and Philadelphia, and, served as Middle East Political Analyst at Central Intelligence Agency (52 publications). Deborah recently published Freed from the Plough and Other Innocent Tales , with Tyborne Hill Publishers; her first poetry collection, The Dirt Road, was published in Dublin, Ireland, by Manloc Press. Deborah’s first verse play, The Hanging Gardens of Babylon, is included in her latest long collection of poetry and plays, Stone Keeper, A Collection of Poetry and Plays, published by Linus Publications, Inc., 2008. Deborah’s first book on professional writing, analysis, and literary commentary, Writers Crossing Boundaries: Writing the Real World, published by Linus Publications, Inc., 2008. Deborah’s interests include professional writing development, theories of composition and rhetoric, literary theory, international politics, Middle East studies, British Literature, world religions, theater, archaeology, and Ancient History. Deborah is keen on connecting globalization issues to composition studies. Deborah also has an Honors Diploma in Russian from the Defense Language Institute, and is a graduate of the Sherman Kent School of Analysis, Career Analyst Program at CIA. Deborah is active with UT’s Theatre program and has appeared as Olive in The Women of Lockerbie, 2005, and as Lady Isabella Bird and Joyce in Top Girls, 2007. Dr. Coulter-Harris also coordinates the Shapiro Essay Revision Contest.  Connect to Deborah at: