Degree requirements

Plan of study
The Plan of Study is a crucial document that must be completed and submitted as part of the procedure leading to graduation. The Plan of Study form can be obtained from the Graduate School Office, from the Director of Graduate Studies, or online (Online Fillable PDF / Print Friendly PDF). The graduate school requires that the Plan of Study must be completed in the student’s first semester on a provisional basis. It will be revised in the student’s final semester after the student has taken all the required courses and electives and is ready for graduation.

Requirements for degree
The M.A. Degree (literature concentration) requires 33 hours of course work. Graduate students who are accepted into the program as Teaching Assistants are further required to take ENGL 6010: Seminar in English Instruction: Composition, an additional 3 credit course, for a total of 36 hours.

All students working towards the Master of Arts (literature concentration) degree must satisfy these requirements:

Required Courses
ENGL 5790 Approaches to Research in English
(offered every Fall semester)
Choose at least ONE:
ENGL 5750 History of Literary Criticism* 3
ENGL 5780 Contemporary Literary Theories and Criticism* 3
Additional Courses
Student must take at least 2 seminars (6000 level courses in English excluding 6010, 6180, and 6890; seminars are usually noted as such in their course descriptions).

*Please note that ENGL 5750 and ENGL 5780 are generally offered in Spring semester, one per academic year.  They’re often offered in rotation, but sometimes the department will offer ENGL 5780 in two consecutive years.

Students who have completed any of the courses required for the degree or their equivalents at the graduate level before admission to the Graduate School may petition the Director of Graduate Studies in English for substitutions.

Of the remaining 18 hours course work for the degree, students may take a maximum of two courses in other departments in the humanities or social sciences as approved by the Director of Graduate Studies. Students may count up to one independent study course toward this degree, which must meet the Independent Study Policy and be approved by the Graduate Director.

Additional Requirements

Incomplete and Progress Grades

Graduate students with more than one Incomplete or Progress grade at the beginning of any semester may be required to take one course fewer than normal that semester. The Director of Graduate Studies may refuse to approve registration for a student who still has more than two Incomplete or Progress grades for work not completed in the stipulated time. Unless an extension has been granted, an Incomplete automatically becomes an “F” one semester after that in which the course is taken. Courses taken in Spring and Summer terms change at the end of the immediately-following Fall Semester.

Application for the Degree

The application must be filed with the Graduate College by the date set by that office. See the Graduate College web site or the official university calendar distributed throughout the year. Students must be enrolled for a minimum of one credit hour in the term during which they intend to graduate. (This type of enrollment can be achieved through ENGL 6960 Master’s Research.)